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Jo Frederick  MA, BA (Hons), MRCSLT.

Independent  Therapy

What can I offer?

I offer independent therapy to help children and young people with the following types of communication difficulties:

The type of support and therapy I offer is individual to each child, young person and their family’s circumstances but would always involve nursery, school or college as well as family members. Therapy could take place at home, nursery ,school or college.

Working in Schools

I work in mainstream educational settings as well as independent schools, offering assessment and therapy for individual children, setting joint targets with parents and teachers; or working with a group of pupils..  

How much will it cost?

£60 per hour for assessment/therapy

£20 for a report

Costs for all other agreed services will be charged pro rate at the hourly rate

I can offer competitive rates for training or project work within organisations.  

Travel costs are detailed on the Area Covered page


I also offer tailored training to groups of other professionals  or organisations about:

To find out more click on the ‘training’ tab above.